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August 25, 2016

A Guide to Buying the Best Garbage Disposal When it comes to waste disposal, not many people feel excited to discuss the topic. In this case, when it comes to buying and replacing your garbage disposal, you will fetch one of the cheap models in the market without having to research. With the right guidance, however, you can make the right choice of the unit. Before making a purchase, you need to consider some things that make up the best unit. The major features to look into before making a purchase include the feed type, the durability, and horsepower. The Horsepower Ability The different disposal units vary in their horsepower. The horsepower varies from between half, to three-quarters horsepower and One horsepower. A horsepower that is high means that the disposal can grind food particles that are hard. Ensure that before you buy a garbage disposal unit, you check whether it has the power cords as some models do not have; if it is absent, then you have to make a separate purchase. What is the Feed Type of the Disposal? The continuous feed disposal feed units are the most common disposal units. These feeds operate when a switch is turned on and can be continually fed with waste while still running. To operate the unit, you first activate the water then the switch on the unit and then it feed it with waste until you are done then you switch off the unit followed by water.
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The only slight difference between the batch feeds and the continuous feeds is that the batch feed does not the automatic switch for turning it on. They instead use a plug that is placed in the drain and turned to switch on the unit and when you finish you turn around the plug to switch it off.
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The Durability of the Disposal The major complaint with disposal is leaking. To ensure that your disposal is durable, look for one that is made of stainless steel. These units are more likely to last longer as stainless steel is more resistance to rusting which is the main reason why most disposals leak. Before you purchase your disposal find out its ease of installation. However, most disposal units in the market today are manufactured in a manner that allows them to be easily installed. The noise made by these new models is also a bit low as compared to the earlier models. Whenever you want to buy a new garbage disposal unit, it is important that you make a research on the best available in the market. Garbage Disposal reviews that are available can be a great source of information that will guide you in buying the best unit. You can choose the best garbage disposal model by making a comparison of the different available models from their manufacturer’s website.